Riverside County TSCM - Bug Sweep Services
Riverside County High Quality TSCM & Bug Sweep Services 

Riverside County Bug Sweep TSCM Services Serving California


 Riverside County, California TSCM & Bug Sweep Services serving all of California

Maxum Detective Agency offers Complete TSCM, Bug Sweep and Bug Detection Services serving Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino County

A full service California Licensed Private Investigation Agency serving Orange County and Southern California.

           High End TSCM & Bug Sweep Services

  • Owned and operated by US Marine Corps Veteran and former Police Officer    
  • High end Quality Equipment utilized for each case
  • Non Linear Junction Detectors & Spectrum Analyzers Used on all assignments   
  • Experienced & Highly Trained TSCM Specialists
  • Fully licensed and insured  
  • Complete Audio, Video, Phone and GPS Detection
  • A Detective Agency you can Depend on - 24/7......

     Maxum Detective Agency offers a full range of Bug sweeping and evesdropping detection services on rooms, offices, entire buildings for businesses. organizations and individuals throughout Riverside County and all of California.
All of our TSCM specialists are fully trained and highly experienced in conducting professional sweeps for bugs, phone taps, hidden microphones, video cameras and other evesdropping or wiretapping equipment for a variety of purposes including industrial espionage, litigation issues, marital disputes or anywhere you need and expect your private conversations to remain private.

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Riverside County Bug sweep and Bug Detection Services
Riverside County Bug sweep and Bug Detection Services
Riverside County Security Sweep
Riverside County Phone tap Detection
Riverside County TSCM Services






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